Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eclipse by Bev

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer is amazing.

Rating: 4.89 Gold Stars out of five

What It's About: More adventures of Bella Swan/Edward Cullen. The Cullens have returned to Forks (hurray) and all seems well. OH WAIT! We forgot about the jerks from Books 1 and 2. So we've got Victoria and Laurent to deal with. Not to mention the whole deal with Jacob Black, bloody werewolf. The book deals with Edward-Jacob conflicts (Twilight was primarily Edward, New Moon was dominated by Jacob). Humans, werewolves and vampires alike will just die to get their paws on this novel. (Hahaha. Not that funny..)

Bad Points: Too much Jacob Black. Rather confusing. Edward needs anger counseling (but I think we got that from the first novels. Um. He broke a TV. You don't just go and break a TV because your family votes to turn your girlfriend into a vampire. Jeez.) And, as with all Twilight novels, Eclipse is quite random at times.

Good Points: Ungodly funny at times. ("Bella, would you please stop trying to take your clothes off?") Suspenseful. Graphic. Leaves you wondering about what the eff is gonna happen in the next one. Made me sigh several times from love for Edward. Like when he proposes. Oh shoot. Shouldn't have told'ja that.

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