Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Moon by Bev

Well.. today while I was sick I finished New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, sequel to Twilight (thanks for the review, Marilyn!)

Rating- 4 gold stars out of five

What It's About- Vampire-on-human love. And werewolves. And Jacob Black. And Bella Swan. Oh, and guess what! There's an effing sad birthday party in it!

Worst points- Sad arse beginning. Very confusing stuff about werewolves, death, and the Volturi. I can't stand that little arsehole Jacob Black.

Best points- Excellent writing. I love her style. Interesting plot twists. Also- sort of funny at times. And a very happy ending. All followers of romantic vampire-on-human love will be euphoric at the end after they have screamed themselves stupid at the Volturi.

Who should read it- Anyone who read Twilight. You can't read it before Twilight- or I'll hurt you.

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